How to join CRETA

You are registered on the list of judicial experts at the Colmar Court of Appeal as a translator / interpreter and you wish to become a member of our association. You just need to download the registration form below and return it to us duly completed. Your membership will be registered once we have received the completed form and the annual subscription of 100 € together with proof of payment of your social charges.

Download the registration form and CRETA bank details

Membership of CRETA – The benefits

Being a member of CRETA brings a number of benefits :

  • it connects you to colleagues in your profession, bound by the same code of ethics
  • it guarantees you more visibility (you will appear on a list distributed to the authorities
  • on the Internet, on Facebook, and on a PDF list provided to clients by request)
  • you are given an official stamp to place on your certified translations
  • you will have a membership card that shows your title and is useful for professional identification
  • you will be able to take part in free training sessions held annually by CRETA
  • you can attend our Annual General Meetings with voting rights
  • you can have access to information about our profession
  • we can assist you in drafting your annual activity report, etc.
  • legal assistance can be provided